Tips For Studying Abroad In China

One of the best things of attending college is your chance to take some time off for travelling to another country to study. Study abroad options are a great way to learn new cultures, see new places and also make friends. China is one of the most popular non-European destinations for foreign students to travel and study for a semester or a year. Also due to the fact that the country is expanding at a rapid pace, the chances of you finding a job in the same place are also high.

The proper documentation for the study abroad session

You will need to go through your study abroad department at school to get visa for the months that you will be staying and also to organize everything for your stay like accommodation, food, travel and other commodities. You should probably do your own research about the country and things that you will need to stay there through the embassy websites and some blogs of students already there along with preparing to learn Cantonese lessons.

Learn the language at least for a bit

If you are can actually manage a conversation and read some characters, then you are much farther ahead than most people who end up moving to china. It is highly recommended to take some Mandarin course Singapore and know what you are speaking when you get there. There are tools and apps like POPjisyo, eChinese learning, Zhonga, LINE and other phone apps like Duolingo that you can use to teach yourself the language and work out some quick translation skills.

Know what the culture and norms are

When you are moving to a country that has a culture vastly different from your native one, you will need to know at least the basics of habits and norms to survive. China has centuries long history and their culture and traditions are based off on this as well. You will need to know the basic introduction steps, how to conduct yourself and also how to respond to people.

Although you will be studying, study abroad will give you a chance to explore the vastness and also the different lifestyle of the country. You will get chances to see the best attractions and spectacular sights of the country, gorge yourself on some of the best cuisines, and live out the nightlife and daylife of one of the one of the busiest countries. Make sure to get your local friends to take you out to check out the authentic areas more so than the tourist attractions. You can also get your local friends to help you out with the shopping and finding best souvenirs to take back home.